We operate by efficient and innovative technologies, applying geophysical, hydrogeological and ariborne methods. By our start-up we develope research projects with significant tax breaks for our customers.
Our team of geologists, engineers and physicists follows all phases of the projects (from the survey design to the execution and the actions to solve the concrete problems of our customers).
We integrate geophysical, hydrogeological, and environmental methodologies, operating directly in the field and in the laboratory with technologically advanced equipment: this approach allows to greatly reduce the risks related to the earth, prevent environmental problems and optimize the resources of the subsoil.

We offer services and consulting to achieve the target of private companies and public authority that have the following needs related to the territory:

  • Exploration of the subsoil for research and water supply
  • Evaluation and analysis of water resources about quantitative and qualitative features
  • Study of soil and subsoil for agronomic and wine-producing applications
  • Surveys to support geotechnical design and slope stability
  • Technologies for the study of rock masses in extractive areas
  • Study of the radioactivity level of lands, rocks, air and building materials
  • Technologies for cultural heritage
  • Hydrogeological and environmental studies for polluted sites

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