GeoExplorer uses the group’s expertise in geophysics and hydrogeology, managing to provide a wide range of services, applying modern survey tools and tackling problems with different levels of complexity. In fact, the staff is able to support survey plans in various fields of employment ranging from land use planning, environmental surveys, water research, slope stability studies, applied geology to construction, mineral prospecting and monitoring of natural radioactivity. .

The experience of the members, for the most part Ph.D. in Earth Sciences, allows to provide geophysical exploration services for superficial and deep research, using both surface methods (seismic, geoelectric, electromagnetic, magnetotelluric and gravimetric) and in hole (down-hole, cross-hole, geophysical logs and dilatometric tests). The group also has considerable experience in the hydrogeological sector, providing services in the areas of research, assessment and management of groundwater resources, as well as innovative solutions to meet the growing water demand even in extreme climatic areas. Another strong point is environmental geology, an area for which GeoExplorer members offer services ranging from ground and surface water monitoring and all environmental matrices, to the modeling of flow and contaminant transport, to environmental geostatistics, to the calculation of the vulnerability of aquifers to pollution, to studies for the decontamination of groundwater. Moreover, we perform in-situ and in laboratory radioactivity measurements in compliance with the UNI 10797 and the Council Directive 2013/59/Euratom. We are specialized in the radiometric characterization of Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials (NORMs), which are byproduct materials of human activities containing natural radionuclides in higher than normal concentrations.

Lastly, these skills are complemented by a strong predisposition for technological innovation: this was mainly focused on the airborne implementation, through the design, construction and marketing of Rad_gyro services, an autogiro built to support gamma spectroscopy with remote sensing in a large part of the electromagnetic spectrum. The academic start-up structure allows access to a wide range of skills ranging from support during the flight to data processing, mapping, land measurements and topographic acquisition.

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